Catch a ride: Scooters or electric wheelchairs

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The belief that people with limited mobility are helpless is no longer relevant, especially now that they can choose from a lot of options that will help them regain the freedom to move around independently once again.  There are two kinds of electric mobility assistance apparatuses in the market today: wheelchairs and scooters.  But before choosing between an electric wheelchair and a medical scooter, it is important to know how they differ from one another.

Electric wheelchair

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An electric wheelchair is a high-tech piece of equipment with advanced seat movement options like motor-powered tilt, recline, and stand features to make it more comfortable to use for an extended period of time.  Mostly used indoors, it is steered by an eight-way joystick, which makes it very maneuverable.  However, it is hard to transport and is very heavy and expensive.

Medical or travel scooters

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Scooters are steered using handlebars, can be used both indoors and outdoors, cost much less than electric wheelchairs, and are easier to transport.  However, scooters are not as stable and advanced as electric wheelchairs.  In addition, since scooters are controlled via handlebars and not joysticks, people with upper body mobility issues will have difficulty steering one.

In deciding between an electric wheelchair and a scooter, buying the right one is better than buying the best one.

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