Medical mist: Demystifying the nebulizer

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Nebulizers are devices that are used to administer medication in forms of a liquid mist to the airways. It is the route preferred by doctors in treating respiratory tract diseases such as asthma, pneumonia, and cystic fibrosis, as the drug immediately becomes available to the affected organs, thereby producing quicker results.

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The most common type of nebulizer in the healthcare setting today is called the jet nebulizer. This type is also known as “atomizer” because it pumps compressed air through a liquid medicine to turn it into aerosol or vapor. The vapor is then inhaled by the patient in such a way that it settles into the bases of the lungs so that the desired effect could be achieved. Because it bypasses the usual metabolic pathways through which oral medications undergo, physicians can reduce the doses they prescribe.

While jet nebulizers have been ubiquitous in most medical settings for quite some time now, medical companies are coming up with newer technologies that enable more portable, more efficient, and more quiet delivery of medication through nebulization. Examples are ultrasonic wave nebulizers, vibrating mesh nebulizers, and soft mist inhalers.

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