Regaining confidence after a mastectomy

Being diagnosed with breast cancer is a traumatic experience for most, if not all, women. Surviving it is another battle, as chemotherapy and, especially, mastectomy can cause extreme bouts of depression and loss of confidence; more so with mastectomy, as hair lost during chemotherapy can grow back in a matter of months, whereas a breast lost after a mastectomy procedure cannot. With most women, the loss of one or both breasts constitutes feelings of incompleteness and ugliness that permeate their inner being. These feelings stem from human beings’ inclination toward symmetry and proportion as main indicators of beauty.

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Regaining lost confidence is part of the recovery process for breast cancer survivors, and the two alternatives currently available are breast reconstruction and mastectomy bras.

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Surgical breast reconstruction involves using silicone implants or taking fatty tissues from other parts of the body and incorporating them with flap reconstruction to build a natural-looking breast. Although this is considered as the best option for most women, not many take it for many reasons, particularly the aversion to cosmetic surgery. Those who prefer a non-surgical option may use mastectomy bras and inserts that are worn just above the missing breast. They are made of high-quality silicone and are of the same weight as the original breast, making them viable alternatives to breast reconstruction.

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Jason Nikouyeh is the COO of Duramedix Healthcare. For more information, follow this Twitter page.


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