The basics of achieving business success

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Budding entrepreneurs often ask if there’s a concrete formula for success. Taking it from successful businesses, people may discover that no definite formula actually exists. Every business, big or small, lives by its own methods on how to reach its aspirations. However, despite not having a specific formula for business success, various research have revealed that successful businesses have redeeming qualities and practices, which greatly contributed to their status in the industry. Some of these practices, as shared by, are:


1. Being passionate. Passion fuels businesses and people to do things excellently.

2. Building trust. The support and loyalty given by consumers to businesses don’t come out of the blue. A good following is established once a business has proven its credibility and reputation.

3. Putting customers first. Having a customer-centric approach in business is beneficial in gaining loyalty from consumers. Studies show that the more consumers feel valued, the more they’d be willing to spend for a product or service.

4. Looking for opportunities. Opportunities for growth and development are necessary for a business. They also refer to strategies on dealing with setbacks, as they are normal in any business. Companies should look into any setback as an opportunity for learning and must find ways on how to turn the situation around.

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Duramedix Healthcare, spearheaded by its Chief Operating Officer Jason Nikouyeh, is one of the leading providers of medical supplies in the United States. The company’s success is the product of its team’s passion, dedication, and efforts in providing quality products especially designed for the sick and disabled. For more about the company, visit





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