The role of social media in health care

The Internet has, no doubt, become one of the largest means of communication and source of information throughout the years. The boom of the social media paved way for companies to reach out to their target consumers with just a click of the mouse. Moreover, social media penetration applies not only to businesses offering consumer products, but to the healthcare industry as well.

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What used to be a venue for research through established search engines such as Yahoo, Google, and MSN, the Internet became an efficient channel for socialization, which goes beyond one’s inner circle and reaches the professional world. One of the basics in terms of connectivity is the physician-patient rapport. Through the use of the Internet and its various social platforms, physicians are easily approached by patients, building greater faith between the two.

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Aside from the connectivity itself, social media is said to contribute to the improvement of medical practices. An article from the American Medical News shares that social media is valuable in health care in the following ways:

1. As a business intelligence tool
2. As a customer service tool
3. As an avenue for reports that could lead to better outcomes

Through social media, physicians may discover what kind of treatment or procedures most people would likely undergo for aspecific medical condition. The social media correspondences give these health experts the insight on what patients would be willing to do and prefer health-wise. The feedback gathered through social media platforms may also be used by health institutions in further improving their services, especially, if by chance, a negative one occurs online. By consolidating these pieces of knowledge, the healthcare industry, in general, can improve its services efficiently, answering to what was called for by the patients themselves.

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Jason Nikouyeh is the chief operating officer of Duramedix Healthcare. He is known for directing the company toward business success, making it one of the leading medical equipment providers in the United States. For more about him and the company, visit


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