Duramedix Healthcare earns praise from diabetic customers

Jason Nikouyeh remains unfaltering in the conduct of his responsibilities as the chief operating officer of Duramedix Healthcare. He steadfastly follows up and oversees the day-to-day operations of the company, scrutinizing every aspect of business processes to ensure that customers only receive the best services that are rightfully due to them. It is this uncompromising attitude that has bolstered Duramedix to become one of the country’s largest providers of medical supplies.

Image credit: nmhealthcarecentre.com

Along with the incontestable growth in numbers follows the rising number of satisfied customers who, without any reservations, willfully attest to the high quality of service that they have received from Duramedix Healthcare.

As seen in Duramedix.com, two satisfied patients provide their testimonials about their Duramedix experience. Interestingly enough, both are diabetics—a group of patients that is particularly exacting with their medical supplies needs.

 Image credit: allhealthcare.monster.com

A certain J.S. from Raleigh, North Carolina, states, “I had no idea that my insurance would pay for my diabetic testing supplies. Best of all, I no longer worry about running out; Duramedix reminds me when it’s time to re-order. Thanks so much for everything Duramedix!”

In consonance, C.N. from Boston, Massachusetts, writes, “My diabetic shoes are so lightweight and comfortable that I actually look forward to exercising again, and my feet feel great while I do it. I’m telling everyone I know about your products and fantastic service.”

 Image credit: cyber-pancreas.blogspot.com

With these, Duramedix Healthcare continues to cater to every patient whose cases necessitate the use of home-based medical supplies—aiding them to recover from home the best way possible.

Image credit: duramedix.com

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