Jason Nikouyeh: Perks of being a Duramedix Healthcare customer

Since its inception in 2006, Duramedix Healthcare, through the supervision of Jason Nikouyeh, has been satisfying its customers, elevating the company to its current status as America’s No. 1 provider of high-quality medical equipment, supplies, and healthcare products to its wide range of clientele.

Jason Nikouyeh. Image Credit: duramedix.com

Venturing into the cutthroat business of healthcare is one thing; surviving initial setbacks and preserving the business’ reputation is another. How, then, does Duramedix Healthcare maintain its edge over similar enterprises?

Jason Nikouyeh. Image Credit: duramedix.com

The answer: Peerless services for its faithful patrons.

The Perks

Free direct home delivery. Orders are delivered directly to client’s homes without additional costs for shipping or in-person fitting.

Out-of-pocket expenses are out. Instead of paying money up-front, customers needn’t shell out money for purchases. Depending on insurance particulars, the client may owe nothing at all. Customers just need to make a single phone call to determine eligibility.

Jason Nikouyeh, the Chief Operating Officer of Duramedix Healthcare, oversees the company’s day-to-day operations, ensuring that patients only receive the best healthcare supplies and services available in the healthcare industry.

Automatic refill reminders. The Duramedix staff dependably reminds its customers when it is already time to re-order supplies or to refill the prescriptions. Customers can be assured that the products are available when they are needed.

Only the best products from the best manufacturers. Duramedix recognizes its customers’ need for quality, and Duramedix unfailingly delivers. Products are imported, stocked, and supplied directly from a variety of reputable manufacturers that are deemed as leaders in innovation and in the use of cutting-edge technology.

Patient education is integral to services. Clients may find initial encounter with medical equipment to be daunting owing to lack of knowledge. Upon purchase, Duramedix reviews products with patients to ensure maximum compliance, and ultimately, the success of the entire treatment regimen.

For more updates on Duramedix Healthcare and Jason Nikouyeh, visit www.duramedix.com.

Jason Nikouyeh. Image Credit: duramedix.com

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