Jason Nikouyeh: Making Duramedix Healthcare a trusted brand

Creating and managing a brand is not easy, but for Jason Nikouyeh, the COO of the highly successful medical supplies provider firm Duramedix Healthcare, the real challenge is in attaining a good reputation and maintaining it for the long haul.

Jason Nikouyeh Image Credit: duramedix.com

Since it was founded in 2006, there has never been a lull in Duramedix Healthcare’s financial success. Over the past few years, it developed a strong client base and made itself one of the respected brands in the healthcare industry. A North Carolina-based company, Duramedix Healthcare is known today as among the top providers of quality home medical equipment and supplies.

Jason Nikouyeh Image Credit: duramedix.com

While the success of Duramedix Healthcare is a product of collective efforts within the company, one would be remiss to ignore the valuable contributions of Jason Nikouyeh. As a young COO, Nikouyeh has proven that his age has nothing to do with what he can contribute. Born to parents highly involved in the healthcare industry, Nikouyeh maximized his early exposure to the industry and made use of the nuggets of experience he accumulated along the way. After years of learning the curve, Nikouyeh took the COO post at Duramedix Healthcare and started ushering the company to various successful ventures.

Jason Nikouyeh Image Credit: duramedix.com

Today, under Nikouyeh’s guidance, Duramedix Healthcare continues to enjoy its reputation as one of the top medical equipment and supplies provider in the United States.

Get more information about Duramedix Healthcare and its COO Jason Nikouyeh by visiting this Twitter page.


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