Jason Nikouyeh: Assistive mobility solutions and Duramedix Healthcare

With millions of Americans suffering from mobility problems, healthcare supplies providers, like Duramedix Healthcare, play a significant role in keeping the people on the move. Guided by Jason Nikouyeh, its COO, Duramedix Healthcare continues to provide vital assistive mobility devices to thousands of clients nationwide.

Jason Nikouyeh Image Credit: www.duramedix.com

Duramedix Healthcare is a North Carolina-based medical supplies provider and billing company. Founded in 2006, it now stands as one of the industry leaders that continue to provide quality medical equipment, supplies, and healthcare products to thousands of patients across the country.

While Duramedix Healthcare has an assortment of other quality healthcare products, its mobility devices specifically attest to how the company takes premium on superior quality. Duramedix’ assistive technologies are top-of-the-line items designed for any type of mobility impairment. These devices include electric and manual wheelchairs, walkers and rollators, and travel scooters which all provide better ambulation to patients.

Jason Nikouyeh Image Credit: www.duramedix.com

“Duramedix Healthcare Chief Operating Officer Jason Nikouyeh also serves as the vice president of Quality Healthcare Systems, Inc., a medical equipment billing service firm based in High Point, North Carolina.”

Jason Nikouyeh Image Credit: www.duramedix.com

As a top-notch provider of many specialty items, Duramedix is focused on delivering innovative products. In fact, the company’s wheeled mobility devices include the best available and most innovative products in the market today.

For more updates on Duramedix Healthcare and its COO, Jason Nikouyeh, follow this Twitter page.


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