Jason Nikouyeh and Duramedix Healthcare: No bladder control? No problem.

Jason Nikouyeh. Image Credit: duramedix.com

In this blog for Jason Nikouyeh, urinary incontinence is discussed in the context of aging. Urinary incontinence can cause a great deal of humiliation to the elderly, potentially resulting in a perceived loss of dignity and a sense of self-shame.

Urinary incontinence is defined as any involuntary leakage of urine. It is a common medical condition that can affect anyone, but studies have shown that its incidence increases with age. The urinary sphincters (group of muscles that control the passage of urine from the bladder) are initially voluntary, but as the aging process vitiates the nervous system’s control over these muscles, the sphincters then become unable to hold in urine. This experience may have a profound impact on the elderly’s quality of life—causing embarrassment over a looming ‘second childhood.’

Jason Nikouyeh, CEO of Duramedix Healthcare, works hard to ensure that patients receive the optimal results from the best medical supplies available in the market.

Jason Nikouyeh. Image Credit: duramedix.com

Urinary catheters are devices that help incontinent individuals cope with their incontinence. Indwelling Foley catheters (IFC) are special types of catheters with a balloon at their tip. They are designed with the capability to be left in place in the bladder for a short period of time, hence the term ‘indwelling.’ The balloon, when filled with sterile water, serves as an anchor that prevents the catheter from slipping, ensuring continuous flow and preventing the distressing occurrence of intermittent urine leakage.

Learn more about Jason Nikouyeh and the products of Duramedix Healthcare by visiting www.duramedix.com.

Jason Nikouyeh. Image Credit: duramedix.com

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