Jason Nikouyeh: Duramedix Healthcare offers neck braces for relieving neck pains

From Jason Nikouyeh

Duramedix Healthcare and its Chief Operating Officer, Jason Nikouyeh, take pride in their products, services, and patients’ positive outcomes. This blog entry reviews the neck bracing products the company offers and how important they are for people suffering from neck pains and injuries.

According to health website, EverydayHealth.com, there are three reasons why an individual might need to wear a neck brace. The first is to relieve pain while recovering from an injury; the neck brace supports the weight of the head while the soft tissues in the neck heal. Another instance wherein an individual needs to wear a neck brace is during a spinal neck surgery to keep the neck bones in line while he or she heals.

From Jason Nikouyeh

Jason Nikouyeh manages Duramedix Healthcare’s day-to-day operations.”

Lastly, neck braces are likely to be used as a precautionary measure after a serious accident while the attending physician evaluates possible injuries.

Duramedix Healthcare currently offers three types of neck bracing products:

1. Cybertech CSI C-Spine Immobilizer – This two-piece, semi-rigid thermoplastic cervical collar limits the neck’s flexion/extension, rotation, and lateral bending. It also comes with scalloped contoured diffusion tabs with integral thoracic extension for patient comfort, control, and compliance.

2. Cybertech Cyberspine Cervical Orthosis – With its unique aluminum multi-post yoked anterior adjustment system, this product offers complete linear adjustability for flexion/extension, neutral positioning, and immobilization.

3. Cybertech Comfort Collar – A basic cervical collar, Cybertech Comfort Collar is lightweight and comes in a molded-foam, two-piece design with rigid anterior and posterior reinforcements.

Duramedix Healthcare and Jason Nikouyeh are dedicated to providing quality products for their clients’ healthcare needs. Access more information at www.duramedix.com.

From Jason Nikouyeh

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